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· Doctor Han is an Electronic Information Engineering Bachelor as well as English translator with 8 years work experiences.
· Ms Liang is an machinery English translator with more than 10 years translation experiences.
· Mr Chao : English translator with more than 4 years translation experiences in machinery and equipment
· Mr An is an English shipbuilding translator with four years translation experiences.
· Mr Wu: senior English translator with ten years work experiences in engineering
· Mr Han is an machinery and equipment translator with 8 years translation experiences
· Mr Ge is an English machinery translator with 2 years translation experiences.
· Mr Hang is an English electronics translator with 2 years translation experiences.
· Ms Hou: English translator with rich experiences in merchinery
· Ms Wu: English transltor with two year work experiences in machinary and electronics
· Mr Li: English translator with ten years work experiences in machinary
· Mr Zhang: Senior English translator with five years work experiences in electronics
· Ms Zhang : English translator with two years work experiences in electronics
· Mr Zhang : senior English translator with four years work experiences in electronics and machinery
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