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Project Management

A firm and reliable quality control mechanism is implemented

With a considerable talent pool, we ensure that all kinds of materials will be translated by professional experts and experienced translators. Experts of different industries or linguists may not necessarily be experts in translation; however, they boast precise and accurate understanding of translation requirement, and meanwhile they know the relevant industries related to the translation materials perfectly well.
We organize regular exchanges of translation experts in various industries and spheres, in order to get the up-to-date information of every industry and apply the newly emerged industrial words and terms in the translation practice.
In addition, we carry out systematic trainings to all of our full-time and part-time translators constantly, and emphasize the internal and standard quality control as well. A translation manual has been formulated to help translators and proofreaders to implement self-quality control and for customers to supervise at the same time.
All the translation projects are classified into different disciplines in a professional way at the very beginning. Professors and proofreaders of the Translation Dept will determine the relevant disciplines and professional degree once receiving the materials, to realize the match of materials and translators for the real sense by segmenting certain disciplines to specific spheres.  
Detailed translation rules are formulated to unify the terms and standard format of translations.
Both literal and professional proofreading services are provided strictly for all the translations, from the first draft till the final version, and from amendment to finalization of the translation.
The first draft will be verified and finalized by the Proofreading Dept which is made up of senior domestic and foreign translation experts.
And as a result:
The professional terms will be unified and accurate;
The overall literal style will be professional,
The general translation style will be professional, and translators should have good command of subtle differences and latest meaning changes of words.
Unified coordination and cooperation are taken place among all the departments with the best quality.
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