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Project Management

The quality control measures are carried out throughout the entire process from signing the contract to the completion of translation project.

HuayiNet takes the following measures to ensure fine translations with high quality as well as high efficiency:
Translation projects will be done by professional translators with rich experiences and relevant academic background. Newly employed translators are required to take translation trainings before working, so as to get familiar with detailed technical requirements and standards for translation.
Standardized procedures are implemented from the beginning to the end of translation projects, and quality control is effective throughout the entire translation process in an all-round way.
All the editing staff involving in the translation process has at least 2 years¨ of professional translation experiences or more.
Both literal and professional proofreading services are provided strictly for all the translations, from the first draft till the final version, and from amendment to finalization of the translation.
Detailed Procedure
Analyzing materials: experts of HuayiNet will make a preliminary analysis of the original materials and determine the professional sphere and segmented industry thereof; a corresponding project team will be established, made up by corresponding professional translators and experienced project managers
Making the term list: a term list will be made by multilingual project managers and analysis team after viewing the original materials
The first project meeting: the term list, translation style, format and type-setting, compilation polices and training arrangements will be decided on the first project meeting.
Translation process: freelance translators are responsible for translating materials and keeping close contact with other team members during the translation process in order to guarantee the high quality of translation; the project manager is responsible for the entire translation process; the proofreaders or experts are responsible for proofreading to examine the technical terms, mistakes or omits, and coherence and upgrades of terms, etc.
Quality control: the translations will be amended according to the feedback of customers; and the proofreading will be done on the printed paper documents to ensure the quality.
Tracing service: a specially-assigned person is responsible for sending the translations to the customer on time and tracing the feedback on quality after the completion of projects. In case a customer puts forward any amendment opinions, the Translation Management Dept will seriously amend the translations together with the relevant translators.
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