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Mr. Zhang: electronics and machinery English translator with four years work experiences.

Mr. Zhang is a native Chinese.

Work Experience 
 2009 /5--Present:Shenzhen XXX Tech Co., Ltd [ 2 year and 4month] 
Industry: Electronics/Semiconductor/IC
General Manager Office Translator and interpreter
Shenzhen DOT is a foreign-investment company that specialized in outdoor LED screens and LED lamps manufacturing and sales. Because of communication between boss and managers in different departments, I am working as a translator and interpreter involved in English website translation and modification, the translation of terms and conditions of company, the note-taking and interpreting for the boards conferences, etc. The president of DOT is an Arab, so I have made significant progress in listening and speaking adapted to the different accents of English.Currently, i am the part-time translator of three professional translating companies; translating documents involve in Literature and products specification translating of Mechanics and Electronics and much more.

2007 /5--2009 /5:XXX Tech Group Ltd [ 2 year] 
Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
General Manager Office English Translator
I had passed TEM-8 during schooling time .From may2007 to December 2008 , I was working as a interpreter and assistant to the General manager in the manufacturing department of Grand Tech Group Ltd ,which is a R&D and equipment manufacturing of semiconductor (Innovative Advanced IC Backend Equipment) and precision engineering (Contract Manufacturing). The General manager was a Aemrican, so my routine job was to interpret what the manager said, included the weekly meeting, the discussion between the General manager and the other dirctors in different department. In my spare time , I used to practice a lot of translation work,such as business English, company overview and products introduction and product specification . TO be a translator is my life-long goal . My maxim is I figure human life is a skyscraper and I will never stop climbing for the highest parlor.

2003 /8--2007 /9 WUHAN University of Technology English Bachelor
The new Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) was established on May 27th, 2000, as a key institution under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education by the authority of the State Council, P.R.China. WUT is now included among the State 211 Project.
The three predecessors of the new University include: the former Wuhan University of Technology (WUT, founded in 1948) under the Ministry of Education, Wuhan Transportation University (WTU, founded in 1945) under the Ministry of Communications and Wuhan Automotive Polytechnic University (WAPU, founded in 1958) under the China National Automotive Industry Corporation. All were strong in engineering and had multiple disciplines. The former WUT was superior in material science and engineering,resource

2000 /9--2003 /7 Yucai Senior High School, Wuxue, Hubei Full-time Common High School High School
Located at Xian Xi Rod, the city center of Wuxue, Yucai Senior High school is an experimental school of China Centre Education for post-graduated learning, the standard model of senior high school and moral education of Hubei province, overall reformation experimental high school; the model, excellent high school and civilization unit of Huanggang; the modern education technique experimental school and advanced unit. The school was founded on the basis of original Wuxue Normal school. At the very beginning, the school had just 3 education classes with 26 staff and 108 students; 4 rough class rooms and 2 rough offices. Over the past 14 years, the school is characterized by ^Self-improvement, strive for top-notch ̄, meanwhile, the scope of the school has developed and grew rapidly in the spirit of cooperation and consolidation, well-motivated. Currently, the school with a total area of 17316 square meters, in which construction land covered 31364 square meters, has 68 education classes, 286 staff and 4888 excellent students. Stressing on overall campus layout and gardenlike campus environment, Yucai senior high school is the ideal place for learning, a fertile land of scholars.


2007 /5 TEM Level 8 78 scores

Language Skills
English Listening&Speaking(Excellent)Reading&Writing(Excellent) 

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