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Ms. Lou: French-Chinese translator in trade and marketing field

Ms. Lou is a native Chinese speaker and a French-Chinese translator in trade and marketing field. Beijing HuayiNet Mandarin Translation Company provides professional French-Chinese transaltion service.

Work Experience

2009 /10--Present:XXX Home Furnishing(>500 people) [ 1 year and 10month]
Industry: Wholesale/Retail
Merchandising Division Category Manager
-Role player as Project Manager for various cases: Budget Planning, Strategy Analyzing, Project Implementing
-Category Integration and Strategy maker
-Furnishing Trends Analysis
-Supporting the operation division to achieve the sale target with marketing tools
-Advising buyers for purchasing new products
-Communication with different divisions for various projects

(Overseas)2006 /3--2009 /4:XXX Food Company [ 3 year and 1month]
Industry: FMCG( Food,Beverage,Cosmetics)
Department of Overseas Markets Sales Account Manager/Supervisor
-Management of existing key accounts
-Globally prospecting for new clients all over the world
-Identifying and implementing enhancements for better quality customer service, communications, and mediation processes to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction
-Management of logistics
-Prepare monthly, quarter and annual sales analysis reports, working under senior management to identify new sales opportunities, and ensure compliance with all corporate programs.
Report Directly to: General Manager

(Overseas)2004 /9--2006 /2:XXX Trading Company [ 1 year and 5month]
Industry: Trading/Import & Export
Import Purchasing Manager
-Collaborating and sourcing for key accounts (such as Group LVMH, National Museums, Edition Atlas, St Gobain, etc)
-Price negotiation with suppliers from Asia
-Over-all supervisory of logistics organization
-Budget Planning
Report Directly to: Genernal Manager

(Overseas)2003 /2--2004 /2:XXX Industrial Company [ 1 year]

Industry: Apparel/Textiles/Leather Goods
Purchasing Department Purchasing Assistant
-Assisting to choose raw materials through various European textile exhibitions of each season (such as Premiere Vision´)
-Maintaining the contact with luxury fabric manufacturers and negotiating with materials suppliers in Europe
Report Directly to: General Manager


Overseas)2001 /10--2003 /2 Ecole de Dirigeants et Createurs d'entreprise Marketing Master

1997 /9--2001 /6 Chongqing Technology and Business University Marketing Bachelor

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