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Ms. Wang: French-Chinese translator with finance Master degree.

Ms. Wang: French-Chinese translator with Finance MBA degree and rich translation experiences in network equipment. She is a native speaker of the Chinese language.

Work Experience

(Overseas)2010 /7--2011 /2:XXX Company in Paris(>500 people) [ 7month]

Industry: Luxury/Collection
Woman¨s Clothing Department Assistant Manager
Communicate directly with clients in both French and English.
Be in charge of the retail of branded clothes.
Be in charge of monthly and quarterly sales reporting.
Be in charge of supply/demand analysis and pricing during the clearance period.
Be familiar with the brand and its chief design concepts.
Make sure the smoothness of supply/sales and keep a close relationship with the suppliers.

2006 /9--2008 /8 XXX Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd(>500 people) [ 1 year and 11month
Industry: Telecom & Network Equipment
project department Project Manager
Leaded the mobile technology R&D team (10 persons) to implement the whole process from research to product testing. The R&D team was divided into three to four sub-teams in order to advance in parallel in every aspect of the process. It was the leading internal R&D team of the company. Frequented business travels to factories to monitor the production process. The project was concluded with successful mass production of the products.
Evaluate the result of R&D, perform functional test, identify design defaults and ensure the correction by the R&D.
Realize the mass production of the result of R&D by a trial-and-error process to enhance the quality of production.
Organize pre-production meetings before each critical step in the project and monitor the verification and cloture of identified problems during each step.
Ensure the resolution of problems identified in the trial-production.
Participate in the liability test, hardware test and software test.
Participate in the feasibility analysis, risk assessment, client requirement analysis, quality standard analysis and special constraints analysis of the project.
Participate in the assessment of each step during the design phase and provide valuable suggestions to improve the quality of the product.

2005 /9--2006 /8:XXX Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd(>500 people) [ 11month]
Industry: Computers,Software
R&D Software testing engineer
Establish project MMI, test plan and test use case.
Publish the software testing plan and report.
Perform the software tests, identify the path to the problem, and calculate the probability of reappearance and complete software-testing report.
Track and feedback problems identified during the tests.
Summarize the software testing process of the project.
Evaluate the User Interface design and software functionality definition.


(Overseas)2010 /2--2011 /4 Institut des hautes └tudes └conomiques et commerciales (INSEEC) , Paris France Finance MBA

(Overseas)2009 /2--2010 /2 PSGM business school (ESGP), Paris France Preschool Education Others

2005 /2--2008 /2 Shanghai Jiaotong University , China Computer Science And Technology Bachelor
part time

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