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Chinese translation of Heat pipes for heat recovery system

Design, fabrication, testing and supply of the plant equipment, materials and facilities shall be based on under listed engineering codes and standards:
General codes and standards
?              ISO Standards
?              European Standards (EN)
?              DIN Standards
?              IEC Standards
?              ISA Standards
The standards, below listed, are available on CD attached to this technical specification
Paul Wurth standards
?              GS-01 Rev. 0                  General Design Specification
?              GS-02 Rev. 0                  General Specification for Material Supply
?              GS-08 Rev. 0                  General Specification Quality Control
?              GS-10 Rev. 1                  CAD manual for engineering services suppliers,
?              GS-10 C Annex C M0930
?              IRQM02                          Prescriptions for the manufacture and the inspection of welded steel assemblies
?              GSY-IT-IM030                  Instruction manuals drawing up technical specification for erection equipment
?              GSZ-IT-UM040                Technical specification for preparation of installation, use and maintenance instruction manuals
Job prescriptions
?              GS-PW- 0930-001            Numbering System of Drawings and Documents & Bill of
?              M0930.EPM.001-Rev.0    General Specification for Packing
?                                                   BSL Colour Coding Painting Specification
All components of equipment shall be designed, assembled and tested in accordance with relevant standards published by the Indian Standards Institution and valid at the date of Nov. 2007. In cases where suitable Indian Standards are not available, the equipment shall conform to generally accepted codes and practices and shall be suitable for use in tropical climate. The equipment shall comply with the statutory requirements of the Central and State Governments and local authorities, the stipulations of Inspectorate of Factories as well as the latest Indian Electricity Rules.
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